Bradley Q. Warlick, M.D.

Spine Surgeon, Interventional Spine Specialist, Orthopedic Surgeon

Bradley Q. Warlick, M.D. joins Advanced Center for Orthopedics from Johns Hopkins Hospital where he completed his fellowship in Spinal Reconstructive Surgery.  Dr. Warlick received his Doctor of Medicine degree from Saint Louis University School of Medicine and completed his residency in orthopedic surgery at  the Saint Louis University Department of Orthopedics. He has specialized training in the management of trauma, degeneration, and deformity of the adult cervical, thoracic, and lumbar spine. Dr. Warlick provides a wide variety of related surgical procedures, ranging from minimally invasive spinal endoscopy to complex deformity correction. He also provides a variety of non-surgical interventional treatments, including spinal injections and radiofrequency ablation (RFA).  Dr. Warlick sees patients at our Marquette (Upper Peninsula Medical Center), Escanaba (Order of Saint Francis (OSF) Hospital), and Ishpeming (UPHS-Bell) clinics.

Dr. Warlick is certified by the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery.

Education & Credentials:

  • Bachelor of Science, Chemistry, University of Utah
  • Doctor of Medicine, Saint Louis University School of Medicine


  • Orthopedic Surgery Residency, Saint Louis University Department of Orthopedics


  • Spinal Reconstructive Surgery Fellowship, Johns Hopkins Hospital

Procedure List

Fluoroscopic Guided Interventions

1. Hip joint injection

2. SI joint injection

3. S1 first dorsal foramen injection

4. L1 through L5 transforaminal ESI

5. Lumbar interlaminar ESI

6. Lumbar facet joint injection

7. Lumbar medial branch block

8. Lumbar medial branch radiofrequency ablation/neurotomy (RFA/RFN)

9. Vertiflex interspinous device placement (Boston Scientific, for detail)

Cervical Surgical Procedures

1. Anterior cervical disc replacement (CDR with Prodisc-C)

2. Anterior cervical discectomy and fusion (ACDF)

3. Anterior cervical corpectomy and spinal fusion

4. Posterior cervical decompression with hemilaminotomy and foraminotomy

5. Posterior cervical laminectomy

6. Cervical Instrumented posterior spinal fusion

Lumbar/Sacral/Pelvic Surgical Procedures

1. Lumbar Vertebroplasty and Kyphoplasty

2. Endoscopic Lumbar decompression

3. MIS SI Joint Fusion with iFuse

4. Microdiscectomy

5. Hemilaminectomy and partial medial facetectomy

6. Laminectomy, partial medial facetectomy and foraminotomy

7. Minimally Invasive Transforaminal Lumbar Interbody Fusion (MIS TLIF)

8. Open Transforaminal Lumbar Interbody Fusion (TLIF)

9. Posterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion (PLIF)

10. MIS Lateral Lumbar interbody fusion (LLIF)

11. Posterior percutaneous instrumentation

12. Instrumented Posterior spinal fusion

13. Adult scoliosis correction and spinal fusion

14. Spinal osteotomy for deformity correction and fusion

Thoracic Surgical Procedures

1. Thoracic Vertebroplasty and Kyphoplasty

2. Laminectomy and instrumented posterior spinal fusion

3. Adult scoliosis correction and spinal fusion

4. Spinal osteotomy for deformity correction and fusion

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