Hand Therapy


Advanced Center for Orthopedics and Plastic Surgery offers an on-site hand therapy department for our patients who are going through recovery and rehabilitation at our Marquette office. At our hand therapy department, our hand therapist offers a comprehensive range of hand therapy services to help rehabilitate our patients after injury, surgery, and illness. Hand therapy comprises the rehabilitation of the upper limb, which includes the hand, wrist, elbow, and shoulder girdle.

Hand therapy treatment may include the use of modalities and various forms of therapeutic exercise to enhance function and strengthen muscles. Our goal, and commitment, is to return our patients to active living, free of pain and discomfort.

Our hand therapy services include:

  • Pre and postsurgical rehabilitation
  • Functional rehabilitation of assisted return to activity
  • Pain management via exercise and modalities
  • Strengthening exercises
  • Return to sport rehabilitation
  • Injury education / prevention
  • Rehabilitation after fractures, tendon lacerations, sprains, and strains
  • Instruction-in-home exercise programs
  • Arthritis/joint protection programs
  • Work conditioning and return to work programs
  • Wound care and scar management
  • Custom orthosis fabrication
  • Edema management

The Advanced Center for Orthopedics and Plastic Surgery hand therapy staff includes:

To learn more about our hand therapy services, or to schedule an appointment with a hand therapist, please call Advanced Center for Orthopedics and Plastic Surgery at (906) 225-1321.

Advanced Center for Orthopedics and Plastic Surgery