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Judy – Multi-Trauma Accident Victim

“One of the big things I think about is, how lucky I am that Dr. Blotter was at Marquette General that night …” Related Physician: Robert H. Blotter, M.D.

Jessica’s Story – Scoliosis Surgical Patient

“The surgery has changed my life …” Related Physician: Matthew N. Songer, M.D.

Kade S. – Buckle Fracture of the Radius

Kade is 6-years old, right hand dominant and, according to his parents, a “stubborn little Swede boy.” Kade was playing on the monkey bars when he missed a rung and fell onto his outstretched left hand. He was seen in … Continue reading

Wayne S. – Total Knee Replacements

Wayne S., a mature male, was diagnosed with significant degenerative arthritis in both knees. In March 2003, Dr. Pearson performed a right knee arthroplasty or total knee joint replacement. The outcome was so positive, Wayne was eager to proceed with … Continue reading

Evelyn H. – Reverse Shoulder Replacement

“I couldn’t even raise my arm to turn the piano book page anymore.” That’s why 75-year-old Evelyn Hueter elected to undergo reverse shoulder replacement surgery on her left arm. Dr. Jason D. Doppelt, elbow and shoulder surgeon at Advanced Center … Continue reading

Gary D. – Total Knee Replacement Patient

“My life improved so much…” Related Physician: Wallace G. Pearson II, M.D.