Artificial Disc Replacement

At the Advanced Center for Orthopedics and Plastic Surgery, our specialty-trained orthopedic spine surgeon Dr. Warlick is highly skilled in performing artificial disc replacement surgery. The Advanced Center for Orthopedics and Plastic Surgery has been performing disc replacement surgery for more than two decades. That means your spine surgery will be performed by a team whose experience and skill-set is virtually unmatched in Marquette, the surrounding Upper Peninsula, and throughout Northern Michigan.

Cervical Disc Replacement

In the cervical disc replacement (also known as cervical disc arthroplasty), the spine surgeon creates a one to two-inch incision along the neck crease in the front of the neck, allowing access to the disc space. The diseased or damaged disc is removed, along with any disc herniation or bone spurs that are pressing on the nerves or spinal cord. A disc replacement device is then inserted to maintain space for the nerves. This allows the spine to continue moving, and limits the stress placed on the adjacent discs. A soft neck brace is given for comfort after surgery. For appropriately selected patients, this may relieve neck pain as well as arm pain, numbness, or weakness. This is often an outpatient procedure, with many patients going home the same day as surgery.

To learn more about what to expect when you undergo artificial disc replacement, please visit our surgery prep and recovery page and interactive videos.

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